The Land of Remus

OH BOY, It's Another Test Adventure

Session #6

In this session, we will be testing more with combat and magic balance and introducing two new members into the group.

The party was loafing about the academy, when a flamboyantly dressed man asked them to retrieve a magic mirror from a cave.

The party set out (along with a new party member, some new elf). Along the way the party encountered a barbarian in a very fashionable loin cloth. He punched Natalie then gave an overly dramatic speech that no one payed attention to.

The party continued on it’s merry way and encountered an awkward looking deer. Natalie shot it and an internal organ-like monster popped out. It was swiftly dispatched. The party then found 3 goblins, also possessed by organ monsters. The group killed the goblins and organs, and discovered that the monster’s bodily fluids dissolve organic material.

The party finds the cave and heads inside. They encounter a group of several demons, which the paladin cleverly identifies as imps, and kill them quickly.



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