The Land of Remus

Yet Another Test Adventure

Session #5

Journal Entry – Red Dragon

So me and those other two guys left Briarcliff without so much as a whiff of payment for saving them. That’s fine, I think we ended up getting the reward off a few goblins, but they don’t need to know that. That little town owes us, we will need to go back to collect.

Oh joy, we got back to Crosswarren and there are fires, nice going… We spoke with the headmaster of the Academy, apparently they were attacked by the nearby Red Dragon. Honestly, why would you build a village near dragon cave? Anyways, supposedly somebody robbed the dragon of an artifact, kudos to them for pulling it off. Of course now we were asked to get the stuff back.

The only clues we have are the names three former students at the academy, a bloody tabard with a chicken foot on it, terrible insignia. Cecil determined the general direction of these three and directed us North, we knew of a town a few days away known as Lantern’s Hook, so we made our way there.

It took us two boring days to ride there, luckily some goblins were kind enough to entertain us on the first night. On the second night we arrived at the town, it looked just as boring and dull as Briarcliff, but with less fires and goblin attacks. We decided to check the tavern first, maybe the locals knew something about the travelers we were after.

Instead, we found the three sitting at a table, and we recognized them as the three students who left the academy a year prior. We went over to join them, Thelonius bought them a round of drinks to try and sway them I suppose. I sat next to Elizabetta, figuring she might want to chat, and she totally ignored me, typical High Elf and their snooty attitudes, whatever. They were wary of us at first, but then Thelonius and I mentioned how we had been kicked out for various reasons.

I expressed interest in joining their Band of the Raven Claw, or whatever, as well as wanting to barter for some of their pilfered dragon goods that they mentioned acquiring. Things were going fairly well until Cecil had to chime in that he was a first class mage who graduated from the academy.

So now him and the elf are going back and forth about who is the better mage. The human lost interest in trying to sell me the goods since now there was a duel between the mages about to take place outside. I guess Cecil didn’t mention that his undead minions were waiting outside, Elizabetta totally took an axe to the chest as she stepped outside, looked a bit painful. I bandaged her up since I probably was in the best standing of our group, except maybe Thelonius who bought them drinks, but who cares about that…

Dagni and Uta didn’t, them and the mage decided to leave without selling anything off, bastards. So…I followed them, maybe I would have a chance to steal the stuff back. Not far out of town they had their camp set up, I decided to wait a little while for them to go to sleep. Cecil and Thelonius didn’t accompany me over, that’s just fine as they are about as stealthy as a rock slide. Of course that also meant I probably couldn’t kill all three of them by myself.

I decided to get Dagni’s attention by throwing something nearby. I told him I still wanted to buy what they had, and that this deal needed to happen before sunrise as I had other places to be. Uta brought out some junk, but then showed this huge and shiny goblet as the main interest of sales. I first offered 2 gold, but it was declined. Then I included some smelly stick I picked off a goblin shaman near Briarcliff, I told them it was some sort of magic totem. The mage confirmed that it was magic and the trade was made. Those jerks better be grateful.

I returned to Cecil and Thelonius with what I had, and we made our way back to Crosswarren without incident. We arrived a day early, and decided to wait for the dragon to show up. At least I did, both Cecil and Thelonius lacked a handful of guts between the two of them and decided to hide in the woods. It’s just a dragon…though in retrospect, I wish I knew what the dragon was missing in the first place.

As night began to fall on the fifth day, the dragon approached. He flew down towards me as I had his mystical goblet of drinking in hand. He was a Red Dragon, smaller than I expected, I’m sure I would die rather quick anyhow. I returned his cup of shiny to him, and he promptly asked about the rest. I told him that the rest was likely to be held by the thieves who robbed him. I directed him as best I could since he wouldn’t let me fly with him, jerk.

I gave him my name in case he wanted to try and kill me later for not returning all his artifacts, maybe I can get him to kill Cecil and Thelonius too, I guess I will keep traveling with those two just to be sure. There better be a nice reward for all this trouble, I will bother the headmaster tomorrow morning.



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