The Land of Remus

The Next Test Adventure

Session #3

The short short version…

The adventurers were milling about in Crosswaren and were approached by a messenger in need of assistance. The son of the mayor of the town of Briarcliff (Henry Puddingdale) disappeared and the mayor wants us to find him. The adventurers set out on the road. On the way they spot a band of goblins. They hide in the woods near the road and ambush the goblins. The goblins are slaughtered. Further down the road they encounter another messenger. The village is near.

Adventurers arrive in Briarcliff and find it badly damaged. The locals tell us the goblins have been attacking every night. A local guides us to a nearby cave. They kill a few goblins near the entrance. Cecil uses his mindscan and detects 32 in the mountain. They hear more goblins coming and Cecil freezes the cave shut while the adventurers mount a strategic retreat. The adventurers camp for the night.



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