The Land of Remus

The Next Test Adventure Part 2

Session #4

Their search for Henry Punningdale thus far unsuccessful, the three adventurers finally buck up their courage, and enter the goblin cave. They followed the twisting cavern until at last they came upon a large, heavy, but crudely constructed door. Natalie stealthed up to the door to peer through a crack and observed a group of sleeping goblins. The adventurers tested the door but decided it was too squeaky to open. Instead they cut the rope hinges of the door. The goblins woke up to investigate, only to be crushed by Thelonious wielding the door (aka the Atom Smasher). One goblin managed to evade the door, but Thelonious quickly dispatched the fel creature with his mace. The noise attracted the attention of more goblins in another room, so Thelonious replaced the door, and Cecil placed a pair of ice columns behind it for cover in case the goblins came through. The band of goblins crashed into the door, knocking it backwards into the ice columns. The goblins could not push through. Thelonious gave the door another mighty shove, again crushing all of the goblins behind the door. The adventurers push on. Cecil discovered an amulet in a room full of goblin nests. Sensing that it enhanced strength, he gave it to Thelonious.

The adventurers encountered a fork in the tunnel. They decided to go right, Cecil creating an ice wall blocking the left passage way to cover their advance. The party encounters another crude door. This time they observe a large band of goblins accompanied by a shaman, a drummer and a very large goblin (goblin champion?). The drummer was beating his drum while the shaman chanted. All the other goblins seemed entranced by the beat. Detecting the adventurers presence, the shaman summoned two wolves in the passageway behind the party. The adventurers decided to retreat back the way they came, quickly dispatching the two wolves. Cecil chose to raise the wolves as his minions. The party decided to try the other passageway.

Down the second passage they found a pair of goblins guarding a human in a cage. The goblins were quickly killed and looted for a total of 25 gold. They questioned the human and discovered he was, indeed, Henry Punningdale, the man they were searching for. Natalie picked the lock, and the party exited the cave. Henry pleaded for the adventurers assistance in killing the rest of the goblins, and the group finally decided to help. Henry returned to town and came back with the town militia: a single haggard man carrying a spear.

The group returned to the goblin ritual and prepared to assault. Cecil set up more ice columns, and Thelonious kicked down the door. Natalie fired an arrow at the shaman, but it was deflected by a magic shield. Thelonious charged in to the right, while Cecil killed most of the goblins on the left with a shower of ice shards. The shaman joines the combat, leaving his position at the top of a mound. Thelonious killed a goblin on the right, while Natalie killed the shaman. The goblin champion attacked Thelonious along with his bodyguards, but were not strong enough to penetrate his armor. Cecil killed another group of goblins, but was wounded by an archer. Henry attacked, but was quickly knocked unconscious. Thelonious killed the goblin champion and his guards, and the deed was done. Thelonious bound Henry’s wounds and Natalie looted the shaman, taking a magical hat and staff of unknown powers.

End session



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