The Land of Remus

The Test Adventure part 2

Session #2

Note: Switch to player-made characters. The fire-mage becomes an ice-necromancer and the dwarf becomes a warrior-priest. The elf becomes another rouge elf.

After defeating and interrogating the bandits, the party forces one of the surviving bandits to mark the location of the troll cave on their map. The party sets out to locate the cave, and after a brief journey finds the entrance. The party enters and discovers the cave is actually an abandoned mine. The party explores the cave and eventually discover two massive sleeping cave trolls, but no children. The mage uses his mind-scan to discover that there are several humans in the mountain, but the adventurers cannot locate them. After awakening and enraging the trolls with a poorly thought-out skeleton/arrow attack, the adventurers flee the cave and return to the town. With a good night’s sleep the adventurers decide to return to the river pool. The mage again used his mind-scan and found that there were 6 humans in the area as well as a powerful source of magic. Theelf decided to explore the pool, and dove in. She discovered that the unusually deep pool contained the missing children who had been enchanted by a beautiful woman at the bottom. The children were frolicking happily an mindlessly with the being. The party returns to town to research and consult an academy professor. They conclude that the woman is likely a Nyad, and obtain three water breathing potions. They go back to the pool and the elf and the priest jump into the water with their potions. The Nyad entrances the priest, but they negotiate a trade. She would release the children in return for two strapping men, such as the bandits. The party retrieve two of the surviving bandits and take them to the pool. The Nyad appears and excitedly exchanges the children for the now ecstatic bandits. The party returns the children to their elated parents, and accept a modest reward for their efforts.



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