The Land of Remus

OH BOY, It's Another Test Adventure Part 2
Session #7

They head deeper into the cave and discover a nest full of extremely terrified goblins. This cannot be good.

The party continues on and discovers a shitload of imps and one demonling. The party manages to kill the entire mob, but not without some damage.

OH BOY, It's Another Test Adventure
Session #6

In this session, we will be testing more with combat and magic balance and introducing two new members into the group.

The party was loafing about the academy, when a flamboyantly dressed man asked them to retrieve a magic mirror from a cave.

The party set out (along with a new party member, some new elf). Along the way the party encountered a barbarian in a very fashionable loin cloth. He punched Natalie then gave an overly dramatic speech that no one payed attention to.

The party continued on it’s merry way and encountered an awkward looking deer. Natalie shot it and an internal organ-like monster popped out. It was swiftly dispatched. The party then found 3 goblins, also possessed by organ monsters. The group killed the goblins and organs, and discovered that the monster’s bodily fluids dissolve organic material.

The party finds the cave and heads inside. They encounter a group of several demons, which the paladin cleverly identifies as imps, and kill them quickly.

Yet Another Test Adventure
Session #5

Journal Entry – Red Dragon

So me and those other two guys left Briarcliff without so much as a whiff of payment for saving them. That’s fine, I think we ended up getting the reward off a few goblins, but they don’t need to know that. That little town owes us, we will need to go back to collect.

Oh joy, we got back to Crosswarren and there are fires, nice going… We spoke with the headmaster of the Academy, apparently they were attacked by the nearby Red Dragon. Honestly, why would you build a village near dragon cave? Anyways, supposedly somebody robbed the dragon of an artifact, kudos to them for pulling it off. Of course now we were asked to get the stuff back.

The only clues we have are the names three former students at the academy, a bloody tabard with a chicken foot on it, terrible insignia. Cecil determined the general direction of these three and directed us North, we knew of a town a few days away known as Lantern’s Hook, so we made our way there.

It took us two boring days to ride there, luckily some goblins were kind enough to entertain us on the first night. On the second night we arrived at the town, it looked just as boring and dull as Briarcliff, but with less fires and goblin attacks. We decided to check the tavern first, maybe the locals knew something about the travelers we were after.

Instead, we found the three sitting at a table, and we recognized them as the three students who left the academy a year prior. We went over to join them, Thelonius bought them a round of drinks to try and sway them I suppose. I sat next to Elizabetta, figuring she might want to chat, and she totally ignored me, typical High Elf and their snooty attitudes, whatever. They were wary of us at first, but then Thelonius and I mentioned how we had been kicked out for various reasons.

I expressed interest in joining their Band of the Raven Claw, or whatever, as well as wanting to barter for some of their pilfered dragon goods that they mentioned acquiring. Things were going fairly well until Cecil had to chime in that he was a first class mage who graduated from the academy.

So now him and the elf are going back and forth about who is the better mage. The human lost interest in trying to sell me the goods since now there was a duel between the mages about to take place outside. I guess Cecil didn’t mention that his undead minions were waiting outside, Elizabetta totally took an axe to the chest as she stepped outside, looked a bit painful. I bandaged her up since I probably was in the best standing of our group, except maybe Thelonius who bought them drinks, but who cares about that…

Dagni and Uta didn’t, them and the mage decided to leave without selling anything off, bastards. So…I followed them, maybe I would have a chance to steal the stuff back. Not far out of town they had their camp set up, I decided to wait a little while for them to go to sleep. Cecil and Thelonius didn’t accompany me over, that’s just fine as they are about as stealthy as a rock slide. Of course that also meant I probably couldn’t kill all three of them by myself.

I decided to get Dagni’s attention by throwing something nearby. I told him I still wanted to buy what they had, and that this deal needed to happen before sunrise as I had other places to be. Uta brought out some junk, but then showed this huge and shiny goblet as the main interest of sales. I first offered 2 gold, but it was declined. Then I included some smelly stick I picked off a goblin shaman near Briarcliff, I told them it was some sort of magic totem. The mage confirmed that it was magic and the trade was made. Those jerks better be grateful.

I returned to Cecil and Thelonius with what I had, and we made our way back to Crosswarren without incident. We arrived a day early, and decided to wait for the dragon to show up. At least I did, both Cecil and Thelonius lacked a handful of guts between the two of them and decided to hide in the woods. It’s just a dragon…though in retrospect, I wish I knew what the dragon was missing in the first place.

As night began to fall on the fifth day, the dragon approached. He flew down towards me as I had his mystical goblet of drinking in hand. He was a Red Dragon, smaller than I expected, I’m sure I would die rather quick anyhow. I returned his cup of shiny to him, and he promptly asked about the rest. I told him that the rest was likely to be held by the thieves who robbed him. I directed him as best I could since he wouldn’t let me fly with him, jerk.

I gave him my name in case he wanted to try and kill me later for not returning all his artifacts, maybe I can get him to kill Cecil and Thelonius too, I guess I will keep traveling with those two just to be sure. There better be a nice reward for all this trouble, I will bother the headmaster tomorrow morning.

The Next Test Adventure Part 2
Session #4

Their search for Henry Punningdale thus far unsuccessful, the three adventurers finally buck up their courage, and enter the goblin cave. They followed the twisting cavern until at last they came upon a large, heavy, but crudely constructed door. Natalie stealthed up to the door to peer through a crack and observed a group of sleeping goblins. The adventurers tested the door but decided it was too squeaky to open. Instead they cut the rope hinges of the door. The goblins woke up to investigate, only to be crushed by Thelonious wielding the door (aka the Atom Smasher). One goblin managed to evade the door, but Thelonious quickly dispatched the fel creature with his mace. The noise attracted the attention of more goblins in another room, so Thelonious replaced the door, and Cecil placed a pair of ice columns behind it for cover in case the goblins came through. The band of goblins crashed into the door, knocking it backwards into the ice columns. The goblins could not push through. Thelonious gave the door another mighty shove, again crushing all of the goblins behind the door. The adventurers push on. Cecil discovered an amulet in a room full of goblin nests. Sensing that it enhanced strength, he gave it to Thelonious.

The adventurers encountered a fork in the tunnel. They decided to go right, Cecil creating an ice wall blocking the left passage way to cover their advance. The party encounters another crude door. This time they observe a large band of goblins accompanied by a shaman, a drummer and a very large goblin (goblin champion?). The drummer was beating his drum while the shaman chanted. All the other goblins seemed entranced by the beat. Detecting the adventurers presence, the shaman summoned two wolves in the passageway behind the party. The adventurers decided to retreat back the way they came, quickly dispatching the two wolves. Cecil chose to raise the wolves as his minions. The party decided to try the other passageway.

Down the second passage they found a pair of goblins guarding a human in a cage. The goblins were quickly killed and looted for a total of 25 gold. They questioned the human and discovered he was, indeed, Henry Punningdale, the man they were searching for. Natalie picked the lock, and the party exited the cave. Henry pleaded for the adventurers assistance in killing the rest of the goblins, and the group finally decided to help. Henry returned to town and came back with the town militia: a single haggard man carrying a spear.

The group returned to the goblin ritual and prepared to assault. Cecil set up more ice columns, and Thelonious kicked down the door. Natalie fired an arrow at the shaman, but it was deflected by a magic shield. Thelonious charged in to the right, while Cecil killed most of the goblins on the left with a shower of ice shards. The shaman joines the combat, leaving his position at the top of a mound. Thelonious killed a goblin on the right, while Natalie killed the shaman. The goblin champion attacked Thelonious along with his bodyguards, but were not strong enough to penetrate his armor. Cecil killed another group of goblins, but was wounded by an archer. Henry attacked, but was quickly knocked unconscious. Thelonious killed the goblin champion and his guards, and the deed was done. Thelonious bound Henry’s wounds and Natalie looted the shaman, taking a magical hat and staff of unknown powers.

End session

The Next Test Adventure
Session #3

The short short version…

The adventurers were milling about in Crosswaren and were approached by a messenger in need of assistance. The son of the mayor of the town of Briarcliff (Henry Puddingdale) disappeared and the mayor wants us to find him. The adventurers set out on the road. On the way they spot a band of goblins. They hide in the woods near the road and ambush the goblins. The goblins are slaughtered. Further down the road they encounter another messenger. The village is near.

Adventurers arrive in Briarcliff and find it badly damaged. The locals tell us the goblins have been attacking every night. A local guides us to a nearby cave. They kill a few goblins near the entrance. Cecil uses his mindscan and detects 32 in the mountain. They hear more goblins coming and Cecil freezes the cave shut while the adventurers mount a strategic retreat. The adventurers camp for the night.

The Test Adventure part 2
Session #2

Note: Switch to player-made characters. The fire-mage becomes an ice-necromancer and the dwarf becomes a warrior-priest. The elf becomes another rouge elf.

After defeating and interrogating the bandits, the party forces one of the surviving bandits to mark the location of the troll cave on their map. The party sets out to locate the cave, and after a brief journey finds the entrance. The party enters and discovers the cave is actually an abandoned mine. The party explores the cave and eventually discover two massive sleeping cave trolls, but no children. The mage uses his mind-scan to discover that there are several humans in the mountain, but the adventurers cannot locate them. After awakening and enraging the trolls with a poorly thought-out skeleton/arrow attack, the adventurers flee the cave and return to the town. With a good night’s sleep the adventurers decide to return to the river pool. The mage again used his mind-scan and found that there were 6 humans in the area as well as a powerful source of magic. Theelf decided to explore the pool, and dove in. She discovered that the unusually deep pool contained the missing children who had been enchanted by a beautiful woman at the bottom. The children were frolicking happily an mindlessly with the being. The party returns to town to research and consult an academy professor. They conclude that the woman is likely a Nyad, and obtain three water breathing potions. They go back to the pool and the elf and the priest jump into the water with their potions. The Nyad entrances the priest, but they negotiate a trade. She would release the children in return for two strapping men, such as the bandits. The party retrieve two of the surviving bandits and take them to the pool. The Nyad appears and excitedly exchanges the children for the now ecstatic bandits. The party returns the children to their elated parents, and accept a modest reward for their efforts.
The Test Adventure
Session #1

This session is purely a testing and rules learning adventure. Whatever happens here may or may not affect the world.

The adventure started in a town called Crosswarren. Crosswarren’s main feature is this adventurers/mercenary academy that is conveniently called Crosswarren Academy. The academy is a place where aspiring students go to learn how to become adventurers and explorers. They learn things such as armed and unarmed combat, wizard magic, divine magic, tracking and wilderness survival, and whatever else is required to hone their craft.

The characters used in this particular session were actually test characters that I created. Their specific role was help us, the players, learn some of the new optional combat rules that we added for this campaign. The characters we used was an elf archer, a dwarf heavy warrior, and a human mage.

The newly graduated adventurers found that some of the local children have gone missing during the day. The adventurers did a little light questioning in the local tavern and found out that the children were last seen at a nearby river that runs through the forest. They also learn that some of the townsfolk suspect that some local bandits may have kidnapped the children but they find that odd since the bandits have never really caused the town any trouble before.

Before the adventurers left the tavern, the elf archer overheard some of the merchants of the town talking about some possibly nefarious trading that may have been taking place between the merchant and the bandits. Concerned with this new light, the elf and the dwarf proceeded to intimidate the poor merchant for a little more information than he was probably willing to give. In doing this, they learned that the merchant was indeed fencing the stolen goods of the bandits.

With this information in mind, the adventurers decided to press out into the forest and attempt to track down the missing children from their last known location by the river. Since this was apparently the first time the adventurers have ever traveled in this forest, they somehow got themselves a little lost. Once they finally found their way, they arrived to find some horses tied up near a large pool in a clearing, but no children. The human sensed that the area had some magical properties, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what sort of magic. The elf then proceeded to comb the area for tracks or any trace of the children and possibly where they have gone. The only tracks she was able to find were the children’s tracks all around the pool, horse and cart tracks back towards the town and in the opposite direction of the town, and some adult tracks leading in the opposite direction of the town.

With dusk nearing, the adventurers decided to follow the adult tracks away from town in the cover of the dark. After a bit of walking and stumbling through the forest, the group arrived on what appeared to be a camp with some men around a campfire. Since the elf was the stealthiest in the forest, she went first and tried to scout ahead while the dwarf waited behind. The human, against the better wishes of the group, decided to stumble along behind the elf and inadvertently alerting the men at the camp to discover that they had visitors. The men, which we will now call bandits, fearing that someone was trying to ambush their camp, fired on the group of adventurers.

The fight that inevitably happened involved bandits catching on fire, bandits try to stab a dwarf wearing far to much armor, arrow wounds, missing limbs, and a tent left to burn in the forest. It’s safe to say that the adventurers won that fight with two prisoners left to question, one dead, and two bandits who ran away. The adventurers questioned the conscious of the two bandits about the whereabouts of the missing children. The bandit, damn near bleeding to death from the open arrow wound in his chest and his barbecued skin, made a convincing argument that he and his group had no idea where the children were. Trying desperately to save whatever he had left of his now painful little life, he suggested that perhaps the cave troll that lived in the hills nearby might have taken the children.

And with this, the session ended for the evening. Will the adventurers trust the bandit and investigate the cave trolls lair? Have the children become the dinner of some cave troll in the hills? Can the human mage learn that setting people and random structures on fire isn’t a nice thing to do? We’ll find out next I suppose…

-Darth Butternutz the GM


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