Character Creation Rules

Players build their characters with 175 character points and 50 points of matching complications.

During character creation, no power can exceed 35 Points Active Cost and no skill can exceed a -14 roll. After the campaign has started, this may change.

Characteristics must follow the CHARACTERISTIC MAXIMA rule. Any stat higher than the CHARACTERISTIC MAXIMA must pay double. No Characteristic may exceed twice the amount of the CHARACTERISTIC MAXIMA (for instace, if the CHARACTERISTIC MAXIMA of STR is 20, the maximum would be 40). OCV, DCV, OMCV, and DMCV cannot exceed the CHARACTERISTIC MAXIMA by any means.

Characteristic Maximum Value
Strength (STR) 20
Dexterity (DEX) 20
Constitution (CON) 20
Intelligence (INT) 20
Ego (EGO) 20
Presence (PRE) 20
Offensive Combat Value (OCV) 8
Defensive Combat Value (DCV) 8
Offensive Mental Combat Value (OMCV) 8
Defensive Mental Combat Value (DMCV) 8
Speed (SPD) 4
Physical Defense (PD) 8
Energy Defense (ED) 8
Recovery (REC) 10
Endurance (END) 50
Body (BODY) 20
Stun (STUN) 50
Running 20m
Swimming 10m
Leaping 10m

Any powers or abilities with the Cation sign or Stop sign must be approved by the GM.

All characters start with 300 silver pieces. This represents any weapons, armor, tools, and clothing the character may already have plus whatever money has been saved afterwards.

Character Creation Rules

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